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I did the June challenge! Actually I've found doing some of the challenges rather a challenge, since my city (town rather) is rather small, and sooner rather than later you'll have to cross a mountain or swim across a fjord. But then this Monday I suddenly noticed that my regular work-home bus had gotten a new terminus. Which I had no idea were was, so the challenge kind of gave itself:

Welcome to Hesjaholtvegen (The hayrack grove road)! Somewhere in Norway...

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I was slightly sad that the challenges are the same as last year so I planned to do something different, however it turned into IIIa, but started out as IIIb. I think IIIa is broad enough to cover any travel starting at work that you haven't done before even if your motivations are different. I apologise in advance for not knowing dreamwidth as I don't live here any more. I also apologise in advance for the Ingress.

This is also a follow up to last year's challenge. Then my job was new, today it was my last day. I may do this from my new job next week.

The challenge:

III. (a) Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

which started out as:

III. (b) Travel towards home from your workplace using your usual method, but stay on the first public transport vehicle that you use until either it reaches its terminus or you're about to reach a point where your ticket/pass is no longer valid. Navigate home from here.

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Total time - 4 hours.
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Sometimes I take a train from Victoria to Clapham Junction and then change there, but on Monday, I decided to instead stay on the train until it terminates.

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