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Every year I attempt 3a - and this year is no exception! (2014, 2015, 2015b, 2016)

III. (a)

Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

I've been thinking about how to do this for several weeks when it came to me. The little bus from work ends in an estate in Battersea. The little bus that goes nearest home starts in an estate in Battersea. I'll get one bus, walk between the termini and get the other!

The G1 went to Shaftesbury Estate/Wickersley Road via Wandsworth Common and Clapham Common. The terminus is a scout hut on a small residential street between Latchmere Road and Queenstown Road.

The P5 starts at Patmore Estate/Drury House. This is a block of flats in Nine Elms/Battersea Park. There was about a mile and a half between then.

Little bus routes are ones that take you off the main streets and, in the case of the P5, link up many housing estates with points of interest. They are small, local and accessible and run less frequently than the standard London bus. The G1 is similar funneling everyone to St George's Hospital.

Why do these have letters when buses normally have numbers? Someone asked Transport for London this and this is what they said:

"The idea is that the prefix letter should designate the place around which the routes cluster - P for Peckham in the case of routes P4, P5, and P13; E for Ealing in the case of series E1 to E11, for instance. The C in C2 stands for Central. The prefix 'N', however, denotes a night bus."

Londonist suggests the G in G1 is for St George's. Wikipedia naturally has a list of them all!

Self Portrait with Bus Stop
Self portrait with bus stop
Commons by Bus
To the Commons via little bus
P5 terminus
P5 bus terminus

Date: 2017-06-17 04:42 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nou
Nice one. (I call these wiggly buses because their routes are so wiggly. I think the P12 was the first one I used semi-regularly.)


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