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While I was in Totnes in Devon I managed to fit in a town trail walk linking three urban community gardens via a local water source known as the Leechwell.

Report at my journal with four small images.
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Happy May Day!

05 Be still like a mountain and flow like a great river, at the Old Bottling Works, Malvern well dressing 05-15

The theme for this year’s well dressing in Malvern is River of Life. I went for a walk, visited a dozen wells, and took some photos. The standard of competition entries by both children’s groups and adults was good, as ever, but some installations were difficult to cap so my photos don’t show all of them to their best advantage.

Report at my journal, with ten small images.
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Get hold of a current pub, bar, or restaurant guide for your chosen city. Choose an establishment at random, and navigate there from your home or workplace using any method you like. (Entering the establishment and having a drink/snack/meal is encouraged but not required.)

Report with photos at my journal.
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