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I completed the June Challenge III.(d) in Brighton, using the slightly altered instructions of taking the first left and then the first right, and so on.

I was in Brighton to visit the sewers, which I definitely recommend visiting, and then went for a walk up the pier and played DDR, before deciding to embark on this challenge.

My start point was in an alleyway. The rain had stopped, but it was still humid. I found Donald Duck and an octopus, but I did not find the dragon graffiti which was the portal on Ingress that I was looking for.


I took the first left down King Street Way and then took the first right.

I turned left past some skateboarders up Tichbourne Street, then right into a street that seemed a bit scary and said, "Mind Control Control".

Mind control control

Then I turned left into a street full of bins and graffiti! I was happy!


Space is the place

I could hear a person shouting, "Organic butter! Organic butter!"

"Love more," one sign said.

"Oppose fascists
11am Station"
another sign said.

Right then, onto a busy street. Left down Kensington Gardens, past the seagull feather.

There were t-shirts that said, "Without literature, life is hell."

I resisted buying a Pikachu dress, but I did not resist buying a cat one, which looked like this:
Atomic Cherry - Voodoo Vixen Katniss Dress.

Then right, past mosaics of seagulls and down Gloucester Road.

Then left up Sydney Street, and right down Gloucester Street, away from the shops again, and much quieter.

Left down St Georges Mews.

I peered in windows that were full of things- books, shells, and old toys (Orko! Beetlejuice!)

Then right, then left, past the Yellow Book, the first Steampunk Bar.

I also saw a sign that made me wonder if I would turn into a ninja if I walked into a spider's web:

Nordic Coffee Collective

Then past St Peter's Church and I was close to the station then, so I decided to head back to London.

More photos on Flickr: Brighton - flan 2016.

Map of the route I took

Date: 2016-08-17 08:15 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] nou
Good report, thanks! I've added it to the roundup.


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