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It was a rainy day in Nottingham, but by the evening, the weather had started to clear up, so I decided to go for a walk. Earlier in the day, I got a map from Tourist Information. I decided to do a beer glass walk, so turned a glass upside down and drew around it on the map.

I tried to follow the outline I had drawn as closely as possible.

The walk started off in an area I know fairly well, and I walked past the strange sculpture outside the casino and then crossed the road. There was sign that said "Bill Oddie says: Know your birds" and it tried to explain pedestrian crossings:

Know your birds

I continued onwards and noticed a playing card on the ground - the five of hearts. I walked past Rock City, remembering the time I went there, the first time I visited Nottingham, which was for a MUD meet.

I passed Chunky Chicken and then found myself standing opposite the Intu Victoria Centre:

Intu Victoria Centre

I passed the Islamic Centre and then a climbing centre.

I saw a Face the Strange poster:

Face the strange

I saw a colourful tower block:

Colourful building

I saw some poppies growing by the side of the road:



Oxygen Thieves

I headed down side streets and saw more "Face the strange" posters:

Face the strange

Face the Strange

I passed the Nottingham Writers' Studio, which also had signs for "The Actors' Workshop" and "Nottingham Photographers' Hub".

I then got a little bit confused as I tried to make my way down to the canal, but then found it.

There were Canadian geese swimming towards me, through the reflections:

Canadian geese

More reflections:


Then I reached the castle, which was close to where I started:

Outside Nottingham Castle

Here's a GPS track of my walk:

Nottingham beer glass walk

Date: 2015-06-30 10:37 am (UTC)
spiralsheep: Einstein writing Time / Space OTP on a blackboard (fridgepunk Time / Space OTP)
From: [personal profile] spiralsheep
Nottingham canal appears to be made of liquid mercury. I love your map.

You probably already know this but Face the Strange:



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