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This was my first attempt at flâneuring (flâneurery?) and I decided to go for the first left, second right option, starting from home. I was running, and decided to go for the duration of a podcast I'd just downloaded, which was 28 minutes. I thought that would be quite short, but actually I still went through 33 turns and 35 different streets in that time.

Here's a table of the turns and streets.
Turn numberTurn directionStreet name
0(Origin)Witte de Withstraat
1LKromme Elleboog
21R (T-junction)Boomgaardstraat
5LNieuwe Binnenweg
7(road name change)Gerrit Sterkmanplein
102R (possibly 3R)Van Speykstraat
11LEerste Middellandstraat
15LGraaf Florisstraat
181R (T-junction)Heemraadsingel
22(road name change)Adrien Milderstraat
232RHugo Molenaarstraat
251R (corner of square)Tweede Virulystraat
26RBurgemeester Meineszlaan
29LVan Heusdestraat
33LNieuwe Binnenweg
As you can see, I got a bit confused with the turns in a couple of places, doing two lefts in succession in one place, and two rights in another. Where I came to junctions where I should have gone straight on but couldn't, I did the right turn early.
I've focused on the names of the streets rather than a map, because the effort of translating/decoding the Dutch probably makes me notice them much more than I would if they were in English. Also Dutch streets are often either named after a theme, a person, or a person who's part of a theme, and it can be fun to work out what the theme is. That didn't happen so much here because the route happened to take me along quite a lot of main roads, which are more likely to be named after a canal or other geographical feature (Heemraadssingel, Beukelsdijk) or have some archaically inexplicable name (Westblaak, Eerste Middellandstraat.) Also I feel sure Pluimhoefstraat and Werkhoefstraat ought to be some sort of themed set, since 'hoef' means 'hoof', I can't seem to find anything there. But picking up some of the others:

- Kromme Elleboog means 'crooked elbow'. Since it's a tiny little street that cranks around the back of my flat, this is a great name for it.
- Boomgaardstraat is Orchard Street. I didn't know that until I looked it up just now.
- Gaffel apparently means gaff, as in a gaff hook, a handy practical sailing implement; there are a lot of common sailing and boat words between Dutch and English, perhaps unsurprisingly.
- Kogelvangerstraat translates literally as 'Bullet Catcher Street'. Looking it up, kogelvanger seems to mean all sorts of things from a firing range target to a scapegoat - as in someone who takes a bullet, perhaps?
- I had no idea whether Viruly was a thing or a person, but I think Virulyplein and the street leading out of it are probably named after Adriaan Viruly, a Dutch pilot and author. He was also one of the people who fled the occupied Netherlands in 1940, going to England to fight with the Allies, and apparently the term for these was 'Engelandvaarders' or 'England paddlers', after three Dutchmen who got across the North Sea in a twelve foot boat.
By the end of the podcast I'd run about 4.5 km, but because the route had generally made an anti-clockwise loop (Runkeeper map), I was only about 1.5 km from home, so there were no problems getting back. Given that it's hot out there today I was running in only shorts and vest, and the path took me through some of the more Muslim bits of Rotterdam, I felt a little awkward at times. But hey, Bullet Catcher Street!

Date: 2015-06-29 11:27 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] spiralsheep
It sounds as if you had a good flan. :-)

I like your pairing of the fancy horses and the work horses.

If it's not commemorating someone being shot then Kogelvangerstraat might have had a shot tower manufacturing ammunition? Many older cities had them, or some similar place. Birmingham has a "Gun Quarter".


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