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Keiki and I went to London last month to hunt sheep on the Shaun in the City sculpture trails! We bagged the two farthest-flung sheep in Canary Wharf and then headed back in to London Bridge to complete the longest of the four trails.

Keiki and me reflected in the face of Shaun the Golden Fleece in Canary Wharf.

The Golden Fleece.

Hello Kitty in situ, inside the Canary Wharf shopping area.

Selfie with Hello Kitty!

Rainbow in situ, at the base of the Shard.

Lenny, on the South Bank of the Thames.

Petal, also on the South Bank.

Mittens on the South Bank.

Selfie with Mittens! It was a bit breezy

Globetrotter on London Bridge, crushing some poor suity man with its ear.

Yeoman of the Baaard, outside the Tower of London.

The back of Shaun-Xiao, outside the Tower of London.

Shaun-Xiao from the front.

Liberty Bell, outside Fenchurch Street Station.


Shanghai Shaun.

Robo-Shaun, outside the Bank of England.

Robo-Shaun from the back.

Robo-Shaun from the side. (This was one of the best so it deserves to be presented from multiple angles!)

Ruffles, near Liverpool Street Station.

Ruffles from the side.

Selfie with Ruffles!

The Pearly King, inside Liverpool Street Station.

Mr. Shaun, outside Liverpool Street Station.

Our next sheep-hunting trip will be later this month, when we hope to complete the remaining three trails, which are each much shorter.
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