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Keiki and I went to London last month to hunt sheep on the Shaun in the City sculpture trails! We bagged the two farthest-flung sheep in Canary Wharf and then headed back in to London Bridge to complete the longest of the four trails.

Keiki and me reflected in the face of Shaun the Golden Fleece in Canary Wharf.

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Our next sheep-hunting trip will be later this month, when we hope to complete the remaining three trails, which are each much shorter.
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Hello flaneurs! My daughter and I headed down to London this weekend for the last hurrah of the book benches (all will be removed by Monday the 15th). A report on our third expedition to the Bloomsbury trail, guest-starring my nephew, is here.

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Hello again! My daughter and I continue to hunt book benches in London. A report on our second expedition, to the south bank, is here. It is possible that the toddler is even more gleeful than last time.

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Hello flaneurs! My daughter and I have been hunting book benches in London. A report on our first expedition, to Greenwich, is here. Warning: contains a lot of gleeful toddler.

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[personal profile] squirmelia did a walk in London based on instructions from a site designed to guide people on mundane journeys through San Francisco, in this case to 345 West Portal Avenue. I then did a walk in Birmingham based on googling for 345 West Portal Avenue in Birmingham, UK, and adding a list of generalised instructions derived from squirmelia’s post. My report of this walk (15 small images) is more involved than usual. As ever, please feel free to just enjoy the pictures either there or at flickr.

08 Brandwood End Cemetery 06-14
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The Pocket Scavenger is a book by Keri Smith. I imagine there’s probably also an app for smart phones &c. This book contains, amongst other ideas, a list of objects often discarded in urban environments (and therefore potentially free) that one is encouraged to "scavenge" and then repurpose by using a complimentary list of random alterations.

This book is for people who like prompts for exploring their world, people who like keeping art journals, and people who embrace random influences.

This book is probably not for people who dislike experiences guided by arbitrary parameters, completists who’re subjugated by a list until they’ve ticked every box, or people who think objects found on the streets are untouchable.

There’s a full report of my first use of the book at my journal. Enjoy!
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