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I completed the June Challenge III.(d) in Brighton, using the slightly altered instructions of taking the first left and then the first right, and so on.

I was in Brighton to visit the sewers, which I definitely recommend visiting, and then went for a walk up the pier and played DDR, before deciding to embark on this challenge.

My start point was in an alleyway. The rain had stopped, but it was still humid. I found Donald Duck and an octopus, but I did not find the dragon graffiti which was the portal on Ingress that I was looking for.


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I managed a vertical walk up Hereford Cathedral. There are two posts on my journal featuring some unusual views of and from the cathedral, or you could click through the image to flickr.

Mostly from the tower roof: http://spiralsheep.dreamwidth.org/550163.html

Mostly inside the building: http://spiralsheep.dreamwidth.org/549739.html

09 south transept from lantern level, central tower, Hereford Cathedral 09-14
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I attempted June challenge IIId, take the first turning left then the second turning right, four times from the same point, although two of those involved reversing the instructions and taking the first turning right and the second turning left. I also incidentally did two different short versions of IIIc, navigate to a random cafe, and a IIa, follow the railway.

Report with a map and four small images at my journal.
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- [community profile] flaneurs June Challenge Lines II.(b), walk south from a random point, modified by walking north in a straight line from my point of arrival in the city. Report with 10 small images at my journal.

C05 View of Coventry city centre from Ringway footbridge 06-14

In conclusion: Coventry city centre is small and pleasantly pedestrianised, there are many interesting places to visit, and the natives are friendly. Recommended for a day out or two.

I hope you’re all having fun with the June Challenge too! :-)
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My second [community profile] flaneurs June challenge II.(a), walking alongside the railway line, from Leamington Spa to Warwick wasn't an unmitigated success or it would have continued to Warwick Parkway. Also, the com now needs "themes: y halo thar Mr Plod" and "themes: unexpected satanism" tags. ;-) Report at my journal:


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Birmingham's parks and garden department, who won a gold medal at Chelsea this year for a garden including wicker sculptures, have created a sculpture trail in 23 sites around central Brum to celebrate Olympic sportspeople. There's a map on the display boards by each sculpture and also available from Tourist Information at Birmingham Central Library. I first encountered a paralympian tennis player, in her wheelchair, prominently displayed in St Paul's Square (especially celebrating Jordanne Whiley who is from the West Midlands). I also saw Usain Bolt looking awesome outside the Council House, and a paralympian blade-runner outside Snow Hill Station. Apparently there's also a woman weightlifter somewhere. The photos with the BBC article don't do the sculptures justice imo (to me the wicker is very suggestive of muscle in anatomical diagrams).

P.S. [Insert Wicker Man joke of your choice here.]
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I was in Ledbury and had more than an hour to wait for my bus, AND there was a momentary lack of torrential cats-n-dogs and/or flying trees, so I decided to drag my disinclined self on a modified version of [community profile] flaneurs's June challenge II(b). I walked from the bus stops in the centre of town along the straight main streets, south-ish and then north-ish, until I reached the end of the shopping area in each direction. That's about 2km + detours and, yes, as I wasn't well it took me over an hour.

Report with photos at my journal (and if you're into early modern English provincial architecture then Ledbury is heritage central).

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This month I was challenged by [personal profile] kake to visit the Cider Museum in Hereford. Naturally, I managed to walk past almost ALL the Hereford with the exception of the Cider Museum.

I've only been to the city twice before but I have a theory that Hereford is the closest point of overlap between Terry Pratchett's Discworld and our roundworld. The chained library in the cathedral is only the beginning....

My report is at my dw journal:

http://spiralsheep.dreamwidth.org/372640.html (7 images)

(Yes, I've seen the kind modly extension but I reject it and embrace my failure! And I'd already written my report....)


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