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I have to post this before June and all the June challenges start pouring in.
This is from a beer glass walk I did in Athens where I have been staying this spring. I've found that beer glass walks are good for walking getting to know a neighbourhood, but somehow I missed all the useful things like bars, cafes, shops. I also tried to to the first street to the right, second to the left, but that didn't work so well, the streets of Athens are a bit confusing, and after ending up where I started twice,

Up and down in Athens )
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So, for four weeks I am staying in Athens (the one in Greece of course), and even though I havelived here before, I'm now staying in a new area, so I thought I'd do a beer glass walk to get to know my new neighbourhood.

All photos were taken with my mobeil phone, since I managed to forget to pack my camera as well as my bathing suit..., and since I didn't bring a computer I've done it the easy way and just uploaded them uncut and unaltered, since that would be a bit fiddly.

So here is my walk. Starting out with a beer of course!
Which I drank immedeately... )


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