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There seem to be an increasing number of fictional women flaneurs who might, or might not be of interest to [community profile] flaneurs.

The most recent I've encountered was in the novel Lilian Boxfish Takes a Walk, by Kathleen Rooney, 2017, in which the elderly* New Yorker Ms Boxfish is a fictionalised version of real life 1930s advertising woman Margaret Fishback. Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk on goodreads (currently 3.86/5) and also my review with quotes (3/5).

Any other urban walking books of note?

* "elderly" = a compliment in cultures which respect older people.
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I completed challenge III. (c) random pub to the Gunmakers Arms in Birmingham's Gun Quarter. Post including a one paragraph report with one photo inside the Two Towers brewery.

I did a second III. (c) random cafe to Wolverhampton Art Gallery cafe. Post including a one paragraph report with one photo of art in the cafe.

I completed challenge I. (a) and investigated an interesting thing seen from a tram window in Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter. Post including a one paragraph report with one photo of Key Hill Cemetery.

I did II. (a) following a tram line in Birmingham city centre. One paragraph with five photos, from Grand Central to Snow Hill.

I also did a semi-failed II. (c) Local council walk in Stratford-Upon-Avon. Full report with a dozen photos, circular walk along the River Avon.
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Have my fellow [community profile] flaneurs spotted any temporary public art trails or new outdoor exhibitions in urban areas this summer/year?

I'm reminded to ask because the "Gromit unleashed" public art trail through Bristol is launched this weekend: official Gromit Unleashed website.

ETA1: also in Bristol is a smartphone app called missorts which, triggered by the holder's presence in locations around Redcliffe, will play music and tell you stories of the city.

ETA2: Worcester was hosting a similar location-based musical trail around the city centre and there's still a related exhibition at the Movement gallery on one of the platforms at Foregate Street railway station.
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A player of SF0, whose character is known as Sam Archer, has designed a Fluxx-inspired card game for walkers who enjoy constraints on their derive(s).

ETA, thanks to [personal profile] squirmelia!

Links for another Drift Deck:

Projectpage: http://nearfuturelaboratory.com/projects/drift-deck/

Photo set via: http://www.flickr.com/photos/julianbleecker/2818526576/
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How far can you walk from Trafalgar Square without crossing a road?

A couple of years ago, as a test of the walkability of London, I set out from Trafalgar Square — the official centre of the town — one Sunday morning to see how far I could get without crossing a road or going over the same place twice. It was almost 17 miles before I ended up going round in a circle.

The author also says: I know of no other capital city where it is possible to do this. That sounds like a challenge to me! [community profile] flaneurs, do you think this would work in your city?

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Probably slightly outside this com's remit but the Ramblers are hoping for mystery walkers to sign up for slightly randomised 2 mile walks in their local area:

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I was in Worcestershire over the early May Bank Holiday weekend, extended by the royal wedding holiday. I visited Malvern, a town with nearly 30,000 inhabitants, famous for its water, during the annual well dressing event.

Bottling Works Spring

This well/spring in an old bottling works is a small red-rock cave, lined with green moss, surrounding a pool of water, and set into a wall in a publicly accessible courtyard.

There are 10 photos with minimal commentary @ my journal. 7 of the wells are in urban Malvern with one, St Ann's Well, on the Malvern Hills above the town and two more, Westminster Bank Spout and St James Churchyard, in the connecting dormitory "village" of West Malvern.


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