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I arrived in Kraków on Monday afternoon and decided to do challenge III. (d), take the first left, then the second right, etc. I prefer to use the adaptation of take the first left, then take the first right, etc.

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I completed the June Challenge III.(d) in Brighton, using the slightly altered instructions of taking the first left and then the first right, and so on.

I was in Brighton to visit the sewers, which I definitely recommend visiting, and then went for a walk up the pier and played DDR, before deciding to embark on this challenge.

My start point was in an alleyway. The rain had stopped, but it was still humid. I found Donald Duck and an octopus, but I did not find the dragon graffiti which was the portal on Ingress that I was looking for.


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This was my first attempt at flâneuring (flâneurery?) and I decided to go for the first left, second right option, starting from home. I was running, and decided to go for the duration of a podcast I'd just downloaded, which was 28 minutes. I thought that would be quite short, but actually I still went through 33 turns and 35 different streets in that time.

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By the end of the podcast I'd run about 4.5 km, but because the route had generally made an anti-clockwise loop (Runkeeper map), I was only about 1.5 km from home, so there were no problems getting back. Given that it's hot out there today I was running in only shorts and vest, and the path took me through some of the more Muslim bits of Rotterdam, I felt a little awkward at times. But hey, Bullet Catcher Street!
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I completed challenge III. (d) on Thursday evening, with a few variations.

Instead of using the instructions, "take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, and so on," I wrote an app for the Pebble watch that would randomly display one of the following when I pressed a button:
Take the first left
Take the first right
Take the second left
Take the second right

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I attempted June challenge IIId, take the first turning left then the second turning right, four times from the same point, although two of those involved reversing the instructions and taking the first turning right and the second turning left. I also incidentally did two different short versions of IIIc, navigate to a random cafe, and a IIa, follow the railway.

Report with a map and four small images at my journal.
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For the June Challenge with the theme of Doing Something Different, I used the instructions for III.(d), but with modifications. I decided to start at the very centre of London, and to take the first left, and then the first right, as opposed to the second.

I got to the roundabout near Charing Cross that is supposedly the centre of London. (Or at least, where distances are measured from.) There was a statue of a man on a horse there - King Charles I. Bagpipes were being played nearby. It seemed chaotic, tourists in every direction. Which was the first left? I didn't know. I walked around in circles, around the statue, at least three times.

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This is my first go at [personal profile] kake inspired Flânerie - I apologise in advance for the ramble.
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I chose challenge 3d - a silly walk from work:

First, choose the duration of your adventure; anything from five minutes to five hours. Start at your home or workplace. Take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, then the second right, etc, etc. Continue until your time is up or you hit a dead end. If you get stuck in a loop you may, but do not have to, terminate early.

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Indeed, I ended up doing the third June Challenge in September, just as I did the second in July and the first in August.

From the options for Theme III, I ruled out the first two (lately I drive to work, plus if I used the public transit route I used to use, the results wouldn't be very interesting; finally, it was a weekend, so I didn't want to end up at work) and chose option D randomly. Starting from my apartment in downtown San José, I picked an hour for my duration, and went:

left on South 2nd St. to begin, passing by familiar scenery (the only urban density on the route)

right onto Paseo de San Antonio, a pedestrian corridor going past the Camera 12 movie theater among other things (hmm, "Red Hook Summer", I should see that)

left onto South 1st, right onto West San Carlos, left onto Market: this gets closer to the convention center area, with hotels and stuff, but also lots of empty storefronts with "For Lease" signs

right onto Balbach and left onto Almaden Ave., entering a residential area (the rest of the walk continued to be residential), after which I crossed under the 280 freeway (I had thought that starting this challenge from my apartment would be tricky since I live in a neighborhood that's completely encircled by four different freeways, but fortunately there are enough underpasses).

right onto Grant, passing a bakery that smelled really nice (but seemed to be closed), left onto Almaden Blvd. (not to be confused with Almaden Ave.), which became Vine; I passed by an apparent salsa dance class going on in someone's front yard, to the tune of a Spanish cover of "My Heart Will Go On"

right onto Oak, where I found a store to buy a new flavor of paleta (changunga), left onto Locust, right onto Willow, which had a brief spattering of businesses, including several yummy-smelling taquerias, left onto Palm, right onto Humboldt, left onto Lick. From here I could see Tamien Station, the next station south of Diridon, where I get off to go home if I'm taking public transit from work or San Francisco. Only a few trains actually stop there, so I'd never been before.

Right onto Alma, where I was convinced I saw a bear in the parking lot of a new-looking high-rise development, but it was actually a woman in a brown dress. My hour ran out just before I would have crossed under the 87 freeway and train tracks. Walked back to Tamien to catch the light rail to go home (only 11 minutes, as compared to an hour walk; for once, the light rail is good for something).

Also there are pictures.
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Yesterday I did June Challenge III.(d) - take the first left, then the second right, then the first left and so on. Photos on Flickr: Flâneurs - III.(d).

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This is a walk I did a couple of weeks ago, but I didn't get around to doing the writeup. For Theme III, I chose option (d): "First, choose the duration of your adventure; anything from five minutes to five hours. Start at your home or workplace. Take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, then the second right, etc, etc."

I started from the Mountain View public library at Franklin and Mercy in downtown Mountain View, California (two blocks from my workplace), and decided to walk for an hour, extending it for another hour if I was having fun.

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