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It was a rainy day in Nottingham, but by the evening, the weather had started to clear up, so I decided to go for a walk. Earlier in the day, I got a map from Tourist Information. I decided to do a beer glass walk, so turned a glass upside down and drew around it on the map.

I tried to follow the outline I had drawn as closely as possible.

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So, for four weeks I am staying in Athens (the one in Greece of course), and even though I havelived here before, I'm now staying in a new area, so I thought I'd do a beer glass walk to get to know my new neighbourhood.

All photos were taken with my mobeil phone, since I managed to forget to pack my camera as well as my bathing suit..., and since I didn't bring a computer I've done it the easy way and just uploaded them uncut and unaltered, since that would be a bit fiddly.

So here is my walk. Starting out with a beer of course!
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I attempted challenge II.(d), beer glass walk, yesterday in London, which started by Hyde Park, then circled round through Little Venice, to Regent's Park, and then back down through Baker Street, and back to the start.

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For the June Challenge: IId, Beer Glass Walk. We went through our Big Box o' Portland Maps looking for something that had a scale that we could live with; all but one of them were Too Magnified or Not Magnified Enough. The one whose scale we could live with was a bike map of Outer SE Portland. Then we plunked our glass.

Map: the glass and the resultant walk.

Portland has a reputation for being a very walkable city, but just how walkable it is depends on the neighborhood. East Portland is not one of the more walkable areas, unfortunately. It was annexed by the city fairly recently, and has never gotten much love nor money from the civic planners. There's an interstate bypass plunked right through the middle of it, and it trends toward being car-centric. We'd had kind of a bad feeling about using an Outer SE map for our beer glass, but had decided to go ahead anyway: we really don't know East Portland all that well, and maybe there would be some pleasant surprises.

There were indeed pleasant surprises. And an awful lot of car-centric East Portland-ness, too.

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Yesterday I did a beer glass walk through the City of London, from Wormwood Street to Moorgate Station. I made a photoset on Flickr (with commentary) and a Google map of the route.

This wasn't a particularly long walk (Google maps says 1.5 miles) but it was fun!

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