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Another post work wander.

Working in a large site it would be easy to start a flan from the main bus stop, the one you know and use every day. Instead I used my phone to find the nearest bus stop to my office which happily served several buses I've never used. I walked up to it having chosen the number 7.

Of the buses that served that stop I chose the C10, as it's a little bus and they often go to the most interesting places. I also chose the direction vaguely towards home (Canada Water rather than Victoria) and chose 10 stops, as it went nicely with the C10.

This is Challenge 1d:
Your starting point for each of these sets of instructions is the bus stop nearest your home or workplace. If there are multiple stops at roughly equal distances, either pick the one you use the least, or pick one at random. If you have no bus stops near your home/workplace, use a coach stop or tram stop or railway station or anything else you can think of that works as an equivalent.

Choose a number (n) between 3 and 20.
Choose one of the routes that serve this stop.
Find the location of the nth following stop on that route (you may do this in advance of setting out on your adventure).
Travel from your starting stop to that stop by any method of your choice except on buses.

My additional rules:
I'd used nearly all my battery so to preserve it I put my phone in airplane mode. This meant:
No maps
Finding the route of the C10 by using the information on bus stops, going bus stop to bus stop.

map )

This was quite a dull walk. I didn't take notes making an even more dull report.

I only went wrong once when I turned down Baylis Road thinking the C10 went down there. Sadly it didn't but I saw a great poster.
lifestyle shopping )
Lifestyle Shopping

I was bombarded with advertising. One billboard had a QR code and NFC thing.

The atmosphere changed when I got to Long Lane as it became poorer and less corporate.

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So the very same evening that I did my aforementioned walk, I decided to try another challenge, since the walk was kind of lackluster. Having already done one from each category, I picked a theme at random to repeat, and chose Theme I (buses). Generating another random number, I picked challenge (d), where you pick a number n between 3 and 20, figure out what the nth stop is on a bus line running from the closest stop to your home or workplace (I was at work, so I picked work), and navigate there using any method other than buses.

My random number was 12, and the closest bus stop was the westbound 22 bus stop at El Camino Real and Castro in Mountain View, CA. The 12th stop going west was at El Camino Real and Curtner in Palo Alto, near the California Ave. Caltrain station. I had the options of biking there, walking, or taking the train; generating another random number, I ended up walking. The 22 bus in this area runs down just one major thoroughfare, El Camino Real, so my walk was just down the one street.

The walk took about an hour and a half, and I left at 8 PM, so more of it was in the dark than I would have liked. It made for an interesting contrast with my suburban residential walk earlier, because El Camino Real is boring in a different way: scaled for cars, not people; businesses oriented towards keeping your car going (lube shops and gas stations) and keeping you alive and awake long enough to drive your car somewhere else (motels and fast food). That's El Camino Real. The Mountain View part is junkier and more oriented towards selling you cheap stuff you don't need; when you get to Palo Alto, it's more about motels and one contemplates a time before interstate freeways when you would take a lengthy road trip that was just down 40-miles-an-hour roads through suburban areas.

When I got to the bus stop, the terrain was just starting to look like someplace people lived instead of a strip-mall/motel wasteland. Not counting waiting, the bus ride back to El Camino Real and Castro took 15 minutes.


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