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flaneurs: A person walking along an urban riverbank, above graffiti of a cartoon person with white skin and long wavy red hair. (flaneurs)

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Community description:Urban rambling and related pursuits
This is a community for people who enjoy what, for want of a better term, might be called "urban rambling". We like to wander through cities, towns, and the built environment in general, driven by the joy of serendipity, the urge to explore, or the satisfying completism of walking down every street in a given postal district.

All kinds of posts are welcome here — descriptions of your adventures, requests for information on a particular area, picspams, book reviews, suggestions for meetups, website recommendations, and so on.

If you want to post multiple images in the same day, please put all except one behind a cut. Images larger than 650x650 pixels should also go behind a cut.
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