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Congratulations to everyone who attempted the June challenge! I hope to go through everything and make a roundup post within the next couple of weeks.

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It was a rainy day in Nottingham, but by the evening, the weather had started to clear up, so I decided to go for a walk. Earlier in the day, I got a map from Tourist Information. I decided to do a beer glass walk, so turned a glass upside down and drew around it on the map.

I tried to follow the outline I had drawn as closely as possible.

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This was my first attempt at flâneuring (flâneurery?) and I decided to go for the first left, second right option, starting from home. I was running, and decided to go for the duration of a podcast I'd just downloaded, which was 28 minutes. I thought that would be quite short, but actually I still went through 33 turns and 35 different streets in that time.

List of turns and streets )
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By the end of the podcast I'd run about 4.5 km, but because the route had generally made an anti-clockwise loop (Runkeeper map), I was only about 1.5 km from home, so there were no problems getting back. Given that it's hot out there today I was running in only shorts and vest, and the path took me through some of the more Muslim bits of Rotterdam, I felt a little awkward at times. But hey, Bullet Catcher Street!
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I completed challenge III. (d) on Thursday evening, with a few variations.

Instead of using the instructions, "take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, and so on," I wrote an app for the Pebble watch that would randomly display one of the following when I pressed a button:
Take the first left
Take the first right
Take the second left
Take the second right

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I attempted June challenge IIId, take the first turning left then the second turning right, four times from the same point, although two of those involved reversing the instructions and taking the first turning right and the second turning left. I also incidentally did two different short versions of IIIc, navigate to a random cafe, and a IIa, follow the railway.

Report with a map and four small images at my journal.
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I was slightly sad that the challenges are the same as last year so I planned to do something different, however it turned into IIIa, but started out as IIIb. I think IIIa is broad enough to cover any travel starting at work that you haven't done before even if your motivations are different. I apologise in advance for not knowing dreamwidth as I don't live here any more. I also apologise in advance for the Ingress.

This is also a follow up to last year's challenge. Then my job was new, today it was my last day. I may do this from my new job next week.

The challenge:

III. (a) Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

which started out as:

III. (b) Travel towards home from your workplace using your usual method, but stay on the first public transport vehicle that you use until either it reaches its terminus or you're about to reach a point where your ticket/pass is no longer valid. Navigate home from here.

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Total time - 4 hours.
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I decided to attempt challenge I.(c) again - get on the first bus that comes along, then get off after n stops, and then get on the next bus that comes along and get off after n stops, and so on.

I have done this challenge before, and decided to use the same conditions I have three times before: My start point is opposite Westminster Cathedral in London, and n is set to be 9.

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It's nearly June challenge time again! Who's joining in this year? Edit: It's June! Full steam ahead on the challenges!

Here are the themes: theme I: buses, theme II: lines, theme III: doing something different. Here are reports from previous years: I.(a), I.(c), I.(d), II.(a), II.(b), II.(c), II.(d), III.(a), III.(b), III.(c), III.(d).

To complete the challenge, all you need to do is:

  • Make an attempt during June 2015 to follow at least one set of instructions from at least one theme.
  • Report back to the community, either via a complete trip report or simply by leaving a comment on this post stating what you did and how it went.

As before, various bits of [community profile] flaneurs swag will be offered to everyone who completes the challenge (we have stickers, badges, and postcards). The more themes you try, the more swag you get.

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This is the roundup for this year's June challenge. Below is the list of who did what during June — please let me know of any errors or omissions.

This means that [personal profile] spiralsheep did five themes in six walks, [personal profile] squirmelia did five themes, [personal profile] bob did three themes, [personal profile] secretlondon did two themes, [personal profile] nou did one theme. Congratulations to all participants!

[community profile] flaneurs swag is available to everyone who did at least one theme of the challenge. We have button badges, postcards, and stickers. If you did one theme, you get one thing, if you did two themes, you get two things, and if you did all three themes, you get all three things. Please message or email with a postal address and your choice(s) of prizes and she’ll post them out as soon as her other commitments allow.
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Like we did last year and the year before that, [personal profile] bob and I made simultaneous attempts at Theme I: Buses, subtheme (c) (get on the first bus that comes along, stay on for n stops, get off, repeat), starting from the same stop, with me taking n=5 and him taking n=6.

In 2012 I ended up in Cheam (map), which is a few miles southwest of Croydon out towards where London stops being London, and in 2013 I ended up in Putney (map), which is several miles northwest of Croydon and very nearly on the other side of the Thames. I wondered if in 2014 I would actually cross either the border of Greater London, or the Thames.

Report with four photos under the cut. )

Here's a map of my journey, and here's my photoset on Flickr.

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This is my last June challenge report for this year. I completed challenge II. (c) walk a local council trail. I went to tourist information and asked about walking trails in the Jewellery Quarter and was told there are three, that all overlap, and was given a leaflet for this one (.pdf). It also turned out to be a good walk for me and an excellent route for playing postcode bingo with all the B numbers on the road signs. Warning: squeamish folks might want to skip the history of the whereabouts of John Baskerville’s body! Report with 17 small images at my journal. Enjoy!

12 little angels behind the ivy, Key Hill Cemetery, Birmingham 06-14
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From 1926 until 2013 the circular number 11 bus route (click tab for "map view") around Birmingham was Europe’s longest urban bus route at 43km (27 miles), and only the 360 in Coventry is now longer. The 11 takes 2-3hrs to complete a circuit, depending on traffic, and there are over 260 bus stops along the route. Surely this is the ideal bus on which to attempt [community profile] flaneurs challenge I. (a) investigate an interesting thing seen from a bus.

Report with 14 small images at my journal.
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Thank you all for posting reports of June challenges! I am a bit overwhelmed with things to do at the moment so haven't even been able to post my own challenge report, let alone write up a roundup of everyone else's.

Is anyone able to volunteer to write this year's roundup? You can see previous roundups under the June challenge roundup tag. The wonderful [personal profile] spiralsheep will be writing this year's roundup in a couple of weeks' time — so get your reports and/or comments in before then! It's fine to just leave a brief comment noting which challenge you did — it doesn't have to be a full report.

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June Challenge Lines II.(b), walk south from a random point, modified by walking north in a straight line from my point of arrival because I had an appointment northeast of where I began the walk at University station. A report with 14 small images at my journal.

E03 W&B Canal near University, Birmingham 06-14

It’s going to take me at least a couple of weeks to report but I also confess to challenge II. (c) a local council walk (my first attempt at this challenge!), and an epic version of I. (a) "investigate interesting thing seen from bus", both in Birmingham.
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The instructions:

III. (a)Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

I have a new job which involves a 1.5 hr commute from Oval to deepest Leytonstone. A journey of this length should give me lots of opportunities so I started playing with journey planner, removing various options to see if it would send me from work to home via somewhere interesting.

My normal route home is a bus to Leytonstone station, then Central Line to Bank, then Northern Line from Bank to Oval. I could go to Wood Street station to Liverpool Street or to Leytonstone High Road and travel on the GOBLIN. One possible route involved taking HS1 from Stratford to St Pancras!
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