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I have to post this before June and all the June challenges start pouring in.
This is from a beer glass walk I did in Athens where I have been staying this spring. I've found that beer glass walks are good for walking getting to know a neighbourhood, but somehow I missed all the useful things like bars, cafes, shops. I also tried to to the first street to the right, second to the left, but that didn't work so well, the streets of Athens are a bit confusing, and after ending up where I started twice,

Athens is pretty steep, and I started by going up some stairs

On top of the hill I found this mosaic

When in Athens, there always is something big in marble - this is the Panathenaion stadium, built to the 1896 Olympic games. And its excellent (?) museum shop.
And there, far away is some more marble

My route took me through a corner of the main cemetery of Athens. After about 45 minutes walking around among the huge marble monuments I realised that there was only one entrance/exit, so I had to go back and around. There are a couple of famous sculptures on the graves in there, but I didn't manage to find them. But I liked the entrance and there was lots of nice graves, like this boat one


A pop-up flower shop, they were just off-loading the flowers when I walked past. so I had to buy a pot of basil

Okay, just up this hill, and I'm almost home!

And the map

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