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I've done IIIa in 2014 and 2015 so I strongly felt I needed to do it in 2016 too.

III. (a)

Travel to or from your workplace one day using a completely different route to any you've ever used before.

I'm currently working in Tooting. My normal commute is Tooting Broadway to Oval using the Northern Line. I wasn't sure how to do it this year. I'll never top the cable car and river bus of 2014, but I'd like to do something more interesting than take the 155 bus, for example.

I had a plan I may still do which involved getting a bus to Wimbledon, tram to Birkbeck (because of the name) then train to Denmark Hill. I might still do it but I've run out of month and it's Wimbledon tennis fortnight.

Not wanting to just get a direct bus I came up with: half a mile walk to Tooting BR station, train from Tooting to Loughborough Junction station, bus from there to Camberwell and then walk home. I posted on Monday about railway bridge codes which made me want to fit these in somewhere, and it follows on from some of my thinking on IIIe which uses numbers on objects to give directions.

Numbering things makes working with them easier. Your house has a number so others can tell which is which. My office door has a code so facilities can identify exactly where I am. It's not the office past the double doors on the right it's three letter code for building, digit for floor (0 for ground), decimal point and two digits for room. Different places have different codes but they all need one. My last place had codes on each electrical socket, as well as a different pattern for office doors.

Railway Bridge 4 on Railway Line SMS1 (Streatham to Wimbledon)

Network Rail's Access Point 16

Lamp post 42 is also parking location 10782

Bridge 2 on SMS1

Bridge 1A on SMS1. Numbering starts at Tooting station!

Mural at Tooting station.

On the train

Railway Bridge 427 on railway line LTC at Loughborough Junction. LTC is the Loughborough Junction to Cambria Junction Line, with mileage calculated from Holborn Viaduct.

Bridge 366 on railway line HHH (Holborn viaduct to Herne Hill)

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