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Jun. 27th, 2016 08:06 pm
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It's now the 27th and I haven't done any of the walks I'd intended to. I think I'll have to run into July.

I went to have a blood test and on the way back sat in a quiet pub having a half. I thought - why don't I do a flan home? The pub I was in, the Bear, is on Camberwell Station Road, and has a railway viaduct passing outside. However there is no station - weird! It was also previously called the station tavern.

There was a station of course, it closed in 1916, or 1964 if you consider goods traffic. Thameslink trains now go past, but they don't stop.

I decided my flan would be to walk the route between two stations, neither of which are there any more. Camberwell station (1862-1916) to Walworth Road station (1863-1916).

The railway is on a raised viaduct and arches are being used for industry. It wasn't possible to get that close and I spent more time on Camberwell Road than I would have liked.

The route involved several repurposed pubs - photos below.

Railway bridges have codes. I can see that it is easier in case of a bridge strike to say its bridge HHH 371 2m 42ch than to describe which bridge over which road. However the code needs decoding.

Imperial Gardens, former night club on Camberwell New Road next to the viaduct. It closed when flats were built next door.

Camberwell Islamic Centre. A Nigerian mosque, in a former estate pub on Camberwell Road.

The Duke of Clarence, Camberwell Road, now Christ Apostolic Church.

Walworth Road station left no mark, but a block of flats on John Ruskin Street was built on the site of the Station Tavern, which closed in the 1990s, long after the station.

Further down the road there is this - the remains of a pub which was between John Ruskin Street and Grosvenor Terrace. Now residential.

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