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Flan IIIe: This is designed for hospital/university campuses and similar, though would probably also work in parks, housing estates, and so on. Start after your appointment (whatever or wherever it may be). If you don't have an appointment, go to somewhere you might have one, or another scheduled activity. Begin to wander in any direction. Continue walking down the path/following the corridor. If you don't know where to go, there will be a sign; perhaps an arrow showing you the way, or a number (left for odds, right for evens). If you cannot find a sign and you need to choose a direction, choose whichever makes most sense to you. Continue for as long as you want.

I started at St George's Hospital. I followed the obvious direction of flow and ended up outside the hospital at the junction of the wonderfully named Perimeter Road and Blackshaw Road.

I didn't know whether to turn left or right then I saw the sign. It was blue with an arrow on and told me to go right for permit holders, parking and the drop off point. I obeyed and went up Blackshaw Road. A large cemetery was on the left, and the hospital fence was on the right.

Further up I came to the Ingleby entrance. There was an arrow telling construction workers to go in here. There was another sign telling me about one way flaps. I went back inside.

From there I just followed the blue arrows. There were no other choices - it's just one long road around the perimeter. However despite this there were lots of blue arrows. Someone came up to me and said "you look lost!" "I'm just wandering!" I said. No-one really walks around the back of the hospital.

I continued walking until I got to the Effort Street exit and then went home.

St George's flan plan

Date: 2016-06-14 11:32 am (UTC)
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Good report, and also interesting to hear how it made you feel. I'd like to do this in a housing estate at some point, though my plans to do lots of adventuring this month have been thwarted by getting ill.


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