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This is my first go at [personal profile] kake inspired Flânerie - I apologise in advance for the ramble.

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I chose challenge 3d - a silly walk from work:

First, choose the duration of your adventure; anything from five minutes to five hours. Start at your home or workplace. Take the first left, then the second right, then the first left, then the second right, etc, etc. Continue until your time is up or you hit a dead end. If you get stuck in a loop you may, but do not have to, terminate early.

I started outside the hospital pharmacy and took the first left. I passed one right, before meeting a deadend. According to one reading of the instructions I should have stopped at this point. However I decided to double back on myself and took the first right, which was now left to me.

This path met Westminster Bridge Road at a T, turning right onto this road was the second right off the path.

First left off Westminster Bridge Road was York Road, the side of the roundabout which now contains a hotel, but used to be the GLC Island building.

Second right is Leake Street. A road which becomes a tunnel under Waterloo Station known for its graffiti. The first three lefts were no pasaran, private property and gates. I was forced to walk through the tunnel as photographers snapped a red sports car getting an edgy backdrop for some advertising, or similar.

The first left that was allowed was up some stairs. I came out onto a road with taxis. Looking at the map I can see this is called Cab Road.
My second right was an almost instant T - down metal stairs onto Spur Road. I went left.

The first right was Lower Marsh. The second right was onto Baylis Road. Left was a path to the left of the Duke of Sussex pub, which is called Coral Street.

The first and second rights were into the Taswell Estate, marked private property but it was permeable. Instead I took the third (and last) right at the T junction with Pearman Street.

Pearman Street is the back of the London Ambulance HQ. If Cab Street has the taxis this street should be Ambulance Street as they use it for parking. The first left is Frazier Street and my 30 minutes was up. However I chose to break more rules and continued with my walk.

Frazier St only had one right so I took it into Morley Street. First left was Gerridge Street and the second right from this was a main road with no signage. I found a bus stop, no 12 bus, St George's Circus. This turned out to be Westminster Bridge Road (again). Am I going towards home? No - back to work! Arrgh.

First left sent me down St George's Road. Walking past the Museum of Imperial War I took the second right down Geraldine Street. Geraldine St became West Square and turning left into West Sq took me back to a first and only right onto St George's Road, having walked round the back of a primary school.

I decided to stop at this point as 50 minutes was up.


Travelling with a plan

Date: 2013-06-03 07:43 pm (UTC)
spiralsheep: Einstein writing Time / Space OTP on a blackboard (fridgepunk Time / Space OTP)
From: [personal profile] spiralsheep
That sounds like a worthwhile walk, with Cab Road being especially pleasing.

Date: 2013-06-04 05:48 pm (UTC)
kake: The word "kake" written in white fixed-font on a black background. (Default)
From: [personal profile] kake
I love the "arrgh it's taking me back to work" part!


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